" I have used several jars of Ever Balm during the past year.  First, I used it to recover from the severe itching of poison oak which I contacted while hiking in Big Sur.   Later in the summer I got a bad sunburn from too much time on the beach on a hot day in Malibu.  I found that in both cases the Ever Balm quickly provided soothing relief for these distressing skin conditions.  I applied the Ever Balm frequently during the day and night. The  relief was profound.  The healing combination of the ten high quality vegetable base oils and the essential oils was very effective.  I have also used it for dry skin. The Balm has clean refreshing scent and is easy to apply. It truly is a restorative serum. I highly recommend this artisan made therapeutic product for both home and travel use."


John Steele, Fragrance Designer and owner of Lifetree Aromatix Essential Oils 

John Steele
& Isobel 
Lifetree Aromatix
3949 Longridge Avenue
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 USA


After reading about Ever Balm in a Yahoo article on organic skincare, I decided to try the product.  Since my prior skincare company has discontinued most products I use, I found myself in dire need of a new, effective moisturizer.  When I checked out the site, I found myself immediately intrigued by the ingredients.  It does not disappoint!  The NJ winter this year has been nothing short of brutal.  As soon as I started using my Ever Balm, the improvement was noticeable.  There is a new softness, plumpness, freshness to my complexion that is astonishing to see, especially since this is clearly visible within one week.  I have been using Ever Balm morning and night.  The texture and scent are  equally intriguing and soothing.  I have no chapped skin - even on my hands - and it was 5 below zero here yesterday.  I am a convert and will be a lifelong customer.  This product is truly a miracle worker!

- Lillian R. - Springfield, NJ


I usually don't put anything on my face that I can't eat.  I actually tasted Ever Balm - and it tasted very good.  This is what I would call a highly conscious product.  I can feel what it's doing in the lines of my face - softening them, quenching the skin, and allowing the  connective tissues on the face to be elastic and hydrated.  My skin feels healthy, younger and glowing.  Everybody can use it - nursing mothers, children, men, women.  The ingredients are pure and beautifully put together.
Dr. Sarah Larsen, noted medical intuitive and healer, Los Angeles.


"Ever Balm has soothed and started to heal my chronic ezcema, giving me much appreciated relief. It is a safe and effective multi-use product that I would feel happy for any of my patients to be using."

-- Dr. Meena Makhijani, Board Certified in Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine.



use Ever Balm a couple of nights a week, in place of night cream, and wake up to skin that is softer and far more refreshed than what a conventional cream would do.  Also, I had an irritation on my leg that wouldn't go away, until I applied some of this, and it took care of immediately.  I use it on my kids' cuts and scrapes, and find that as a result of its many uses, my jar of Ever Balm is always going between the First Aid kit and my bathroom shelf, as much a healing salve as it is a prestige beauty product.

Elizabeth Camarillo - Personal Trainer


Alexandra Lee's all natural beauty balm is The Bomb!  It's the go-to "fix it all treatment" for dry skin!  I use it on my hands, lips and cuticles.

--Patrice Kamins

Astrological Consultant


Ever Balm is something I find addicting. My hands, feet and décolleté will never be the same since using this. I feel as though youth has been returned to these parts of my body. My body can now remain as young as my spirit-thanks for allowing me to slow down the hands of time!

Narvell Neves - painter/artist


I met Alexandra at a health expo, and I had seen other products there for your skin but I listened to the natural ingredients Alexandra mentioned and knew I wanted to give her product a try. I purchased two bottles of Ever Balm and within a day friends were complimenting how baby-soft and smooth my skin looked. I have told several friends about Ever Balm and  I will be sharing it in my next book about natural healing methods and products.

Thank you Alexandra for sharing your wonderful gift with us all and keeping my skin Forever Young.

Ella Croney-Author of Forever Young- How to feel, look, and be magnificent at any age.